Melbourne welcomes residents of Sydney who have been vaccinated without quarantine

On Wednesday, travel restrictions between Sydney and Australia’s largest city, Melbourne, opened the border to fully vaccinated residents from New South Wales as Victoria’s levels of immunisation rose rapidly. It was alleviated.

Due to the declining number of cases in New South Wales, including Sydney, residents are allowed to enter Victoria without quarantine for the first time in more than three months. However, travelers from Melbourne wishing to enter Sydney will be required to undergo a two-week home quarantine.

Daily infections in Victoria increased to 1,841 on Wednesday, up from 1,749 the day before. In New South Wales, a total of 283 cases were reported, well below the September pandemic highs.

The relaxation of border rules is ahead of Victoria, which will lift the blockade in the capital city of Melbourne on Friday, as the double vaccination rate for people over the age of 16 has approached 70%. More restrictions are relaxed when the rates exceed 80% and 90%.

By Friday, Melbourne’s 5 million residents would have endured six blockades for a total of 262 days since March 2020. According to Australian media, this is the longest in the world beyond the 234-day blockade in Buenos Aires.

Australia enjoyed a covid-free life most of the year until the outbreak of the Delta began in Sydney in June and soon spread to neighbouring Victoria. In other states, there are no Covids or few cases.

Sydney and Canberra lifted months of strict stay-at-home orders last week after achieving their vaccination goals.

Even with the outbreak of Delta, the number of Covid-19 in Australia is much lower than in many developed countries, with approximately 149,000 cases and 1,577 deaths.