Top White House counterterrorism official traveled to Syria for secret talks to obtain release of two American hostages, report reveals

A White House official traveled to Damascus earlier this year for secret meetings with the Syrian government seeking the release of at least two U.S. citizens thought to be held … Read More

Facebook And Twitter Limit Sharing ‘New York Post’ Story About Joe Biden

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Mike Pence and Kamala Harris trade blows over Covid in debate

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Democrats step up pressure against U.S. postal cuts, Pelosi calls lawmakers back to Washington

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Trump proposes to hold G-7 summit post US presidential elections

President Donald Trump on Monday said he was “more inclined” to host the upcoming summit of the G-7, which his administration had intended to use to rally the world’s richest … Read More

US State Department orders China to close consulate in Houston China vows retaliation

The State Department confirmed on Wednesday the U.S. has ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, prompting Beijing to insist on firm countermeasures unless Washington immediately reverses its decision. … Read More